Notes on the Text: OK, to be honest I tried this site out but then deviated from it as I found myself unable to GM for awhile. Now I have no computer of my own so it is now prudent for me to use this site but alas I find I have no way to edit the campaign name once it has been set. Enjoy the world of Not Arithor.

History of Sybilyn
700 years ago there was a city called Acrith ruled by those that could wield magic, the likes of which has not been seen before in the world. Using these powers the were cast up on pedestals by the people as children of the gods. These first magic users wielded powers only imagined of by modern mages and created great works of art, architecture, and beauty which were never to be surpassed by mortal man. Eventually some grew restless and longed to test their powers in battle, so they led their armies to go and conquer other cities to extend their powers over men, dwarves, elves, and all the other races which were spread upon the world. Over the centuries they spread their sovreignity to every known city and kingdom until they ruled the continent of Sybilyn in just a few decades. After a couple of centuries the ruling ‘Sorcerers’, as they came to be known amongst themselves, came into contact with beings from another plane of existence. They told them that it was they that gave them their godlike powers,after these beings displayed their awesome powers, which were far beyond anything that they have ever seen before. The planar creatures disguised their hideous forms along with their grotesque voices to make visual contact, face to face with the mortals. They came and told their names to the mortals, Pelor, Boccob, Heironious, and all the other fair gods that they impersonated. Some even pretended to be the gods of Slaughter and evil to make the deception ring all the more true. They made pacts with these ‘gods’ so that they could be more like them. After yet more decades the power that they weilded was exquisite, some never wanted to let go of this power and made contact with the gods. This is exactly what they wanted. They told those greedy mortals that there was only one way to grant long life, sacrifice of those yet to live. So the Sorcerers rounded up hundreds of dwarves, elves, halflings, and gnomes for they were the longest lived races. They forced them into camps where they were forced to breed and have children for the sacrifices.The gods were pleased. After yet more decades eventually the birth rate of the long lived races was not enough to meet the rising prices to keep these mortals alive. That is when the beings revealed their true nature to those arrogant enough to deal with them. They appeared to these mortals in their dreams while their souls were drifting through the Land Between Planes and told them that eventhough they were not meeting the demands they were pleased and would forgive their servants. As a token of goodwill they asked if they could give them a gift. Of course they accepted with salivating souls at the mention of more power. So the beings carved a mark on the mortals backs, between the shoulder blades of whatever gods sign they were impersonating. Some it was a sword and sheild, others a tome, and in one particualr circumstance an eye. After the mortals awoke they immediately felt a great power within them, however as the days turned to weeks, those that the gods deemed the most powerful and awarded these marks to became ill. As the days went by their conditions became worse and none of the High Priests could even lesson the symptoms of these maladies. This is when the demons struck their first obvious blow. The Sorcerers bodies began to mutate, the High Priests just thought it was another symptom but within 4 days the Sorcerers were no more. The demons gained control of their minions minds and transposed themselves into their consciousness. The mortals were destroyed in all but name and turned into demons. This is how the Lords of the Abyss were given their powers, for the combination of Sorcerer and demon gave unknown side effects. It is unknown from where these first Sorcerers gained the power of the gods but it was not from demons for when their spirits mixed the demons were given powers never before seen to their foul brethren and they too were exalted as great Lords. Using their powers they tore open Gates into the Abyss, and woe to the world hordes of pure chaos and evil were brought into the world in an orgy of suffering and despair. 327 years ago